What to Consider About Chicken Coop Designs

Considering Chicken Coop Designs

With the increasing number of chicken coop designs, people need to study all of them in order to find out what they should choose and what they should avoid. To help with this decision one needs to consider different types of ideas, so that they can find the ideal coop for their chicken and their compound.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is the space available. This will determine if they will select a small coop design or a big one. It is recommended that the ideal size for an enclosed structure requires about 3-4 square feet for each chicken, and up to 10 square feet per chicken for enclosed outdoor areas. Those with limited space can also consider selecting portable chicken coop designs that can be moved to appropriate places when needs arise. It is also essential to ensure that the desired location for the coop is fenced to keep away predators. The number of chickens the buyer wants to keep has a great impact on the type of chicken coop design they will select. Those who wish to keep a small amount for subsistence needs will require a smaller size of coop and can also select the portable one. Those with a larger flock should select larger types of designs as the designated location allows.

Safehousing your Chicken Coop Designs

With this in mind, they should select the design that offers great ventilation. Chicken release a lot of ammonia and moisture and the only way to keep them at safe levels is to invest in a coop design that has the proper ventilation. The ventilation will also help in the regulation of temperatures in warm months.  As depending on the location of the coop, the individual should ensure that the vents are located in a position where the chicken will not be exposed to draft. The ventilation can also be in the form of windows and doors and the user should ensure that they are easy to open and close in an air tight manner. The doors and windows should also be designed in a way that if they are open, the chickens are protected from predators.

Chicken Coop Designs: Lighting and Maintenance

Apart from this, the Chicken coop design should also offer adequate lighting. The lighting plays an important role because it can be a source of heat during the cold season. Apart from this, the user should also check on the cleaning and maintenance of the coop. The design should make it easy to carry out different types of cleaning and maintenance procedures. One of the things they should look at in these designs is the slope, as this will indicate if the drainage and runoff is effective.

Apart from all these, the construction material is also a major consideration when it comes to selecting chicken coop designs. The materials used should be strong and of high quality. The price may influence the decision but it is better to spend a little more, in order to get the best types of chicken coop designs that will not only be of high quality and durability, but also efficient for the user.

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Free Chicken Coop Plans

Free Chicken Coop Plans:

If you want to rear poultry either for fun or for business, you have to build a nice chicken coop where they will stay. When you do not know where to start, you can access free chicken coop plans to help come up with the best coop. This ensures you do not spend a fortune on the project, as you can also do it at home for yourself. To begin with, look for a design that the coop will be built with. This normally depends on your needs. The number of birds you want to rear will affect the design because many birds will require a big house, while a small flock will need a small house.

A portable coop can be built if you will not be staying in the area for long. These do not have floors and they are placed in an area that has grass. This is beneficial to the environment as the droppings are good fertilizer for the lawn. Look at other free chicken coop plans or come up with an original creation. After the design, get the materials to construct the coop. These can be made from almost anything including wood, old camping trailers, scrap lumber, gallon barrels, PVC pipes, kits among others.

The free chicken coop plans provide a list of
things that should be in the chicken house like:

Chicken nest boxes- this is where the birds rest and stay most of the time. These should be padded with either straw or any other material that makes the chicken comfortable. This ensures the eggs do not crack when they are laid. There should be enough nests for all the chickens.

Chicken roosts- these are places the poultry stretch out and perch. They can be built as either a long board across the coop or as a stair case style. They should be placed in convenient places that make the cleaning of the coop easier.

Feeders- this is where the birds will be feeding from. Plastic containers can be used for this purpose. Drill holes at the bottom and screw it in the middle of the coop. Fill the container with food and use concrete blocks to avoid spillage. It can also be hung in the middle of the room a few inches from the floor so as not to hurt the birds.

Water container- just like human beings, chickens also need to drink water every now and then. Holes in this container are drilled on the top of the container. It should be placed in a corner where the chickens do not pass often. Water should be changed often so that they drink clean water.

Factors to Consider with Free Chicken Coop Plans

There are some factors that need to be put into consideration before you construct the coop such as climate as to ensure you build the coop to suit the climate of the area where you reside. For instance, if it is warm, ensure the chicken house is well ventilated and if it is cold, provide enough warmth so that the birds do not freeze to death. If you live in an urban area, ensure you find out about the regulations that are put in place so that you do not run into any problems with the law.  Post a comment and let us know about your results from the free chicken coop plans.

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Executing Portable Chicken Coop Plans

Portable Chicken Coop Plans

Are you thinking of starting a small portable chicken coop and raising chickens?  Have you almost given up on the idea because of the small fortune you will have to spend?  Stop whining because it is easier and cheaper to build a coop of your own with portable chicken coop plans. The fresh eggs will help in cutting down your food budget while the chicken droppings, which are highly fertile and can be used in the kitchen garden, as organic fertilizer.

It starts by making portable chicken coop plans you want, their quality and quantity, where to get them, what to do with them, and how to use them. With the plan all set, execute it. Start by looking for designs that are easy to build.  The design chosen should be functional, lovely, and add a few twists here and there of your own to add a different touch on it.

Wood is the most commonly used material when constructing a coop. Lumber may however get expensive depending on the size of coop you want to make.  If you opt for recycled wood, be aware that it will require extra time and some tender, loving care, hence needs all of your patience.

Executing your Portable Chicken Coop Plans

The way to execute your portable chicken coop plans depends on the needs to be meet. If you want to rear a few chickens, try a portable coop/chicken tractor.  It has no floor and it can be moved from one area to another that is convenient for that time.  It is highly recommended for those living in urban centers, with limited space within their compound.  Frequent moving of the coop gives the chicken access to fresh grass and bugs to feed on. The design does not really matter that much since the chicken will not know, but the skill used in building is very important.  Woodworking and construction skills have to be of high level.portable chicken coop plans

When done with the coop, you have to plan on making the feeders and perching roosts. You can use a branch of a tree as a roost. The roost should be away from the door or feeders to avoid contamination of food.

Portable Chicken Coop Plans: Feeders and Waterer

The feeders and waterer- You can make them at home rather than buying from a store. Get a bucket that can contain at least 5 gallons. Such will last for at least three weeks when fully filled with feed. You can make a good feeder by drilling small holes at the bottom, then place the bucket on a base, center it before screwing, until it is secure and balanced. Put it on raised ground to prevent the food from coming into contact with chicken droppings. Use the same method to prepare the waterer.

Make the coop spacious enough to fit all the chickens, and you never know, you might want to increase your flock after a while. The final look of the coop will be a representation of your plan. If you had a good plan, you will have a good coop. That is why it is important to have a good plan always, and strictly follow it when constructing.  Please post a comment about your experience with portable chicken coop plans.

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Easy Chicken Coop Plans

Easy Chicken Coop Plans:

Those people who want to try their hand at keeping chickens will need to start with the easy chicken coop plans that are easily available. This is also a good idea if the users are not into carpentry. These easy chicken coop plans are available on the internet, and users may have a hard time when it comes to selecting the perfect one. It is essential that when they are looking for these plans, they should check for those that use terminologies that are easy to understand and plans that are easy to use. Checking out the diagrams is also important because they will determine if they are easy chicken coop plans that will be good for a simple chicken house. The user should select those plans that contain diagrams, which are simple and do not contain many details because they will be easier to understand.

Easy Chicken Coop Plans and your Budget

While seeking for these designs, the user should ensure that they only require simple tools and easily available materials that the user can get without any problems. Those plans that come with long and complicated steps meant for seasoned builders should be avoided, since it may cost the user extra cash compared to the already made structures. When it comes to materials, the users need to check their budget because most of it will be spent on this. They should find the prices of the items they need to purchase and their budget to avoid selecting the plans that may require extra cash that they may not have.easy chicken coop plans

It is also a good idea for the user to check if the coop plan is appropriate for their location in terms of climate since some plans are meant for cold areas and others are meant for tropical areas. With this in mind, it is important that they check if their region has specific rules on the construction of backyard chicken coops because some regions have some rules while others have none. These rules may be in terms of color, size and others. The users should also consider the period they will use for the construction process. This will help them determine if the plans are easy enough for them and if they comply with the general rules of their regions.

Easy Chicken Coop Plans and Location

While checking out these plans, the user should ensure that they are designed with all the important details required in any chicken coop design. They should keep in mind the size of the backyard as well as the number of chickens they want to keep. The location should be away from any type of predators and should be properly fenced for this effect.  Additionally, they need to check on the ventilation aspects as well as the cleaning situations. The ease of the cleaning will ensure that the coop is always safe for the chicken and it will keep away diseases.  Please leave a post about your experience with easy chicken coop plans.

These easy chicken coop plans are available at different internet sites and the user can check out as many as they want, while comparing the different features in order to select the right type in terms of design, budget, understanding and execution.

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DIY Chicken Coop Plans: Why You Need To Use One

DIY Chicken Coop Plans

When thinking of getting your own chicken coop, you have two options. You can opt for a pre-made one, or you can build one. Building this structure can be a complex task but most people believe that using DIY chicken coop plans is a viable option and has many advantages tied to it. Among the most popular ones is the ability to customize the design and size to meet your individual needs. A preassembled unit on the other hand comes ready to use and limits your customizable options.

DIY chicken coop plans are also designed to complete your land. This means that if you have a small backyard, a farm or simply a garden, you are able to come up with a plan that will auger well with your setting. In this regard, since you are the one constructing the coop, you have the chance of picking your own materials. In the end, this ensures that you choose high quality materials since you understand the importance of having a reliable coop. In addition to this, you have the option of strengthening the foundation and adding other extras you deem appropriate. Since you are in charge of the construction, you also get to situate it in an ideal location and at the same time, slant it at the right angle to ensure that water flows freely.DIY chicken coop plans

DIY Chicken Coop Plans and Proper Ventilation

The other major benefit associated with using DIY chicken coop plans is the opportunity of creating ideal ventilations for your chicken. This in turn improves circulation of air and ensures that the quality of eggs produced is high. Constructing your own coop will also give you a higher control of temperature regulation, which is another important aspect especially during the winter and summer seasons. Note that when it comes to size, most pre-made coops are poorly proportioned. On the other hand, by relying on DIY plans, you construct the exact size that meets your needs. This aids in ensuring that you get the recommended 1-4 square foot for each bird.

Another interesting idea associated with preference of DIY chicken coop plans is building a coop that matches to the rest of the home décor. In this regard, the builder gets to build a coop that matches the color and style of their house. There is no doubt that more often than not, a pre-made coop can look out of place in your own backyard.

Financial Benefits of DIY Chicken Coop Plans

To cap it all, there are also some financial benefits associated with using DIY chicken coop plans. If you are a crafty builder, you can spend an approximate $100 while on the other hand getting a pre-made one will cost roughly $500 to $ 1,000. Some of the factors leading to this increase in costs include labor costs and installation. For these reasons, it is advisable to use these DIY plans to lower down your costs and ensure that you get exactly what you need and how you need it to be. Additionally, it is always enjoyable to see the fruits of your own labor. Knowing that you constructed your own coop from scratch is the most rewarding and satisfactory experience.  Let us know how your DIY chicken coop plans went and post a comment.

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Overview of Chicken Coop Plans

Overview of Chicken Coop Plans:

The design and structuring featured in chicken coop plans to a great extent determines the well being of our feathered friends. In order to ensure that the choice made in this regard is appropriate, there are several factors that must be considered.chicken coop plans

Chicken Coop Plans of Different Sizes

The size of your coop depends on the number of chickens one intends to keep there and the amount of space available. The best plans give specific guidelines on how to scale the given proportions in order to accommodate your flock.

This implies that although the basic design outlined in it will not change, it can be adopted to fit custom needs of your chicken coop plans.

Durability of Chicken Coops

Chicken coop plans should incorporate features that will ensure the durability of the structure. In the same way that the strength of a house is based on its foundation, so is that of a coop. This means that the foundation is one of its most important aspects.

Therefore, before choosing a plan, study the directions given for this part of the structure and decide if it is worth following.  Look also at factors such as roofing.

About The Appeal of The Chicken Coop Plans

The design of chicken coop plans is not all about functionality but being part of your backyard, it has to have a level of appeal. By studying the diagrams of the completed structure provided on a plan, you could have a clue as to how your finished coop will appear.

Individual tastes in this regard vary just like they do for people’s homes. This means that at the end of the day the choice of design boils down to personal preferences. However, you need to ensure that your tastes do not override the purpose of the structure and overlook its vital aspects.

Variations For Your Chicken Coop Plans

Many chicken coop plans come with special features for the sleeping area, the eating and watering space and the run to ensure that these fit their roles adequately. Additionally, whether you have layers or not, a plan needs to provide for a nesting area because at some point it may prove necessary.

The source of light, ventilation and insulation are also vital considerations to ensure the comfort and good health of the birds.

Building Materials

The choice of material affects so many aspects of the plan. First, they determine the amount of cash available for the project because for instance, the cost of wood is not equal to that of metal sheets.

But cost should not be the most important aspect because there are materials suited to a specific area due to weather conditions and other factors. Fire-prone regions could for instance necessitate building with fire-resistant material. One can reduce on the expense for material purchases by looking out for farm supply auctions or buying recycled material.

Security Of The Coop

Poultry need protection from predators at all times and this is a great strength of a good plan. Assess different chicken coop plans to determine if dogs, cats, eagles or other popular chicken predators can find a way into the pen.

This may call for choosing a design that features buried wire to make sure that the birds cannot dig their way out of the enclosure and into danger and that, these animals cannot find a way in.  Please leave a comment about your experience with chicken coop plans of your own.

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Chicken Coop Building Plans

Chicken Coop Building Plans

If you are interested in rearing poultry, building a chicken coop is one of the most important requirements, so check out our chicken coop building plans.  The coop is a place where the chicken will rest and sleep. There are ready-made coops you can get but it is much more rewarding if you construct one to take care of the birds needs. To begin with, go through several chicken coop building plans to get one you like. If you do not find any, custom make one by following steps that were used to make the other coops. After identifying the plan you want to work with, you need to put a few factors into consideration, to get the best housing for the poultry.

Size is very important. You have to erect the right size of the coop for the chickens to be comfortable. If the birds are not many and you do not plan to increase the number build a small coop so as not to waste material and space. However, if you have a large number of birds and want to add more build the right size so that the birds are not squeezed.

Chicken Coop Building Plans: Materials and Ventilation

Materials needed- the coop should be made from strong and long lasting material so that it can last for a long time without repairs. Most of the coops are made from wood as it is easily available and makes good coops. In addition, other materials need to be put inside for the coop to be complete. Examples of such are roosts where the birds rest, an area where the birds lay eggs, feeding and water areas.

Ventilation- you do not want the birds to be uncomfortable. The coop should have enough air circulation as this also helps to reduce the risk of infections among the birds. During cold weather, provide heaters that will keep the birds warm.

There are some chicken coop building plans that recommend elevated coops. These are an excellent choice especially if you live in a place that has floods.  It also helps to keep the chicken coop cool during summer.  This also gives the birds a place where they can be sheltered from the sun or rain during the day. Other than this, it helps to keep away rodents from the coop.

Making the Chicken Coop Building Plans Clean and Safe

Cleaning of the coop is another important factor you need to put into consideration. Deep litter method is an option if you do not want to be cleaning the coop often. This provides less maintenance. A chicken wire floor can be used so that droppings pass through, to a container placed under the floor. This is one of the best options as it reduces the odor in the coop and keeps it quite clean.

You can paint the coop if you want it to be in sync with the decor your house. Portable coops can also be built if you plan on moving. It is advisable to check with the authorities before you construct a coop to avoid any problems. The coop can also be enclosed with a fence to keep away predators that may want to make a meal out of your chicken.  Please post a comment on your experience with chicken coop building plans.

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