What to Consider About Chicken Coop Designs

Considering Chicken Coop Designs

With the increasing number of chicken coop designs, people need to study all of them in order to find out what they should choose and what they should avoid. To help with this decision one needs to consider different types of ideas, so that they can find the ideal coop for their chicken and their compound.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is the space available. This will determine if they will select a small coop design or a big one. It is recommended that the ideal size for an enclosed structure requires about 3-4 square feet for each chicken, and up to 10 square feet per chicken for enclosed outdoor areas. Those with limited space can also consider selecting portable chicken coop designs that can be moved to appropriate places when needs arise. It is also essential to ensure that the desired location for the coop is fenced to keep away predators. The number of chickens the buyer wants to keep has a great impact on the type of chicken coop design they will select. Those who wish to keep a small amount for subsistence needs will require a smaller size of coop and can also select the portable one. Those with a larger flock should select larger types of designs as the designated location allows.

Safehousing your Chicken Coop Designs

With this in mind, they should select the design that offers great ventilation. Chicken release a lot of ammonia and moisture and the only way to keep them at safe levels is to invest in a coop design that has the proper ventilation. The ventilation will also help in the regulation of temperatures in warm months.  As depending on the location of the coop, the individual should ensure that the vents are located in a position where the chicken will not be exposed to draft. The ventilation can also be in the form of windows and doors and the user should ensure that they are easy to open and close in an air tight manner. The doors and windows should also be designed in a way that if they are open, the chickens are protected from predators.

Chicken Coop Designs: Lighting and Maintenance

Apart from this, the Chicken coop design should also offer adequate lighting. The lighting plays an important role because it can be a source of heat during the cold season. Apart from this, the user should also check on the cleaning and maintenance of the coop. The design should make it easy to carry out different types of cleaning and maintenance procedures. One of the things they should look at in these designs is the slope, as this will indicate if the drainage and runoff is effective.

Apart from all these, the construction material is also a major consideration when it comes to selecting chicken coop designs. The materials used should be strong and of high quality. The price may influence the decision but it is better to spend a little more, in order to get the best types of chicken coop designs that will not only be of high quality and durability, but also efficient for the user.

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