How to find a real cowgirl

A cowboy is a hot-tempered person who loves riding and shooting. Usually, cowboys are men who are temperamental inhabitants of the Wild West, but these days there is no prejudice about who can be a cowboy.

In those days, a woman could only do housework and take care about children. Many of them did not know how to sit on horseback, moved in vans or in a special saddle on a horse, sitting sideways. Long dresses were not allowed to do men’s work.

But often women became “cowgirls” not willingly. They were forced to do work on the ranch due to the absence or death of their husband, some even dressed in men’s clothes and were engaged in driving cattle. Sometimes the owner of a small ranch could not afford to hire workers, and then his wife or daughter helped him. Many women showed high abilities. Not all female cowboys were athletes. Some of them were criminals.

Let’s first try to figure out by what criteria a real cowboy girl can be identified. Let’s start with the clothes and appearance.

The cowboy outfit is both practical and fashionable; it combines both femininity and masculinity with a certain charm.

1. Worn jeans. Jeans should fit well and best of all if there are holes and cuts. She can also wear denim shorts or a skirt.

2. Checkered shirt. Such shirts can be either with short or with long sleeves, they come in different colors. You can find best dating chat with Ukrainian women online.

Wrapped sleeves of the shirt are up to the elbow. Girls love to tie a knot at the waist, showing the belly. It can also be a simple suitable topic or T-shirt, either under a shirt or instead of it.

3. Cowboy hat. These hats come in black, brown, beige or white.

4. Cowboy boots. Usually such boots are made of leather, but can also be an option of artificial leather. Boots come in different styles – with a rounded, pointed or square toe.

5. Tied hair in tails. You can make braids of the tails, leave them loose or make a low tail.

6. Tied bandana around the neck. Usually cowboys tied bandanas to absorb sweat while working on a ranch. Now bandannas are put on as a decoration and a tribute to fashion. Tie a bandanna around your neck with a knotted back, leaving a piece of fabric in the shape of a triangle in front.

7. Belt in the style of the Wild West. These belts are usually made of brown leather and have large silver, gold or marine-colored buckles. You can also see a belt in the shape of a pigtail.

8. A vest with fringe. Such vests are made of suede and leather. Usually, girls choose a simple beige or black color.

9. Light makeup on the face. Cowboy girls must be natural.

10. Leather gloves.

11. Lasso. Cowboys prefer rawhide rope with a tightening loop. The heavier the rope, the faster the throw. The ropes in the grip areas are stitched with leather stripes in a certain direction, therefore they bend in one direction better than in the other.

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