5 Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil

As the legalization for the mail order of marijuana it continues to grow in many states, the popularity of CBD oil has taken a steady surge. CBD is one of the over 100 chemical compounds found in the marijuana or cannabis plant. It is non-intoxicating and not cause the perceptible euphoric sensations associated with THC, another major chemical compound found in marijuana. Some CBD products which are out there in the market may contain THC. Hence when consumed, individuals tend to get high or have euphoric sensations.

CBD oil constitutes CBD and other active compounds in a carrier oil. It comes in various forms: under-the-tongue sprays, soft-gel capsules, and tinctures among others. Additionally, there are some forms of CBD oil which can be smeared directly to the skin. These come in the form of salves and creams. The concentration of CBD in every product varies. The CBD oil market is growing at a steady rate since more products are being sold online or in local health stores. As mentioned earlier, CBD oil comes in various forms, and they are all used differently. Some of the most common forms of CBD oil include;

  • Oils. CBD oils are the most effective and unprocessed form of CBD. CBD oil is extracted directly from the seeds, flowers, and stalks of the hemp plant. The most potent CBD oils are full spectrum. That is, they contain all the natural compounds found in the plant encompassing the cannabinoids, essential oils, and terpenes. Most CBD oils come in a bottle with a dropper which allows you to easily ingest it by placing it under your tongue and leaving it for some time before swallowing.
  • Concentrates. CBD oil concentrates are consumed similarly to tinctures – placing drops under the tongue. But, CBD oil concentrates are stronger doses of CBD as compares to other forms. As a beginner, high potency is not efficient for you. Hence, you should start with a low dose and await the response.
  • Tinctures. Another common way to consume CBD oil is through using tinctures. Tinctures enable you to gauge the exact amount of CBD oil you are ingesting with ease. They are often extracted from the marijuana plant with alcohol or other solvents. To ingest CBD oil with a tincture, you will need a dropper to place the drops under your tongue. Some manufacturers use natural flavors, fatty oils, or carrier oils in their tinctures.
  • Edibles. CBD edibles containing the CBD compound are gaining popularity. For instance baked goods, chocolates, candies, coffees, and gums among others. This is a more satisfactory means to ingest CBD oil. However, it is difficult to measure the exact amount of CBD oil you need to ingest which can lead to inconsistent results.
  • Capsules. CBD capsules or pills can be taken with water just like any other type of capsule. CBD capsules are a convenient means to ingest the product. However, they give the user less control of the dose. Most capsules contain 10 – 25mg of CBD.

Vape-oil. CBD vape oil is also another means of ingesting CBD oil. To vape it, you need to use a vape pen or an e-cigarette. And while at it, you need to be cautious as heating the chemicals to high temperatures can result in some side effects. Alternatively, you can dab the compound by using CBD waxes. Use a dabbing pen to heat a small amount of the wax. But as a beginner, use a vape pen, as CBD waxes contain a higher concentration of CBD.

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