When you date with a farmer

First, decide how serious your decision to have relationships with a farmer. As far as you know, farming takes a lot of strength and energy. Before accepting an offer to date with a farmer, you need to be well aware that in order to engage in farming, your chosen one needs to be a responsible person who is not afraid of difficulties. You will need to start everything from scratch and study this industry from the very beginning, so that your partner does not lose interest in your person, because common interests play an important role in relationships. Decide what you specifically want to do. In total there are 2 directions of your activity: plant growing that is, growing plants and cattle breeding, which implies a raising livestock. Each species has its own subspecies, for example, you can grow only vegetables or grapes and the like. In order to form a true family farm, it is best to select several directions of your activity.

You must understand that you will have to work a lot and mostly without much rest and breaks. You can expect failure and disappointment, but this does not mean that you need to give up everything. Many already successful farmers faced with obstacles and learned from their mistakes, and because of this they made conclusions. If you take into account all the recommendations and advices, as well as work hard by yourself, then you will certainly succeed.

You should understand that farming is a huge responsibility for your chosen one. He is responsible for all the work, all the lots and enterprises that make up the farm, and is obliged to manage all of this properly. Your partner sees the farm as a hobby, not just as a goal to earn on it. But, in spite of everything, he is still responsible for managing this farm, for its functionality, and in no other way.

Appreciate what partner you have. Most farmers are not rich, do not have enough money for different “toys” for one day. But as a farmer, your partner get used to working with what he has. Soil is one of the main attributes that any farmer or producer should appreciate. You can expand or buy new land, rent someone, but the fact remains that it is impossible to farm without the land on which crops and cattle are grown.

The farmer does not sit all day in the room or office, doing the same things day after day. Intuition is often necessary when meeting situations, standard or not, but requiring problem-solving skills. Not all, but many farmers have such skills and are able at the time to figure out, for example, why a car suddenly broke down, or how to repair a section of a fence line or gate through which cattle can escape. A farmer will face with a problem that cannot be solved in the usual way. Here you will need creativity, you need to become something like an inventor, and with the help of the material you have at hand, create something that will help solve the problem. It will be necessary to think carefully to find a reliable solution, and not just a temporary correction of the situation in the hope that this will not happen anymore, which is unlikely.

Understand that farming requires hard work and persistence. Farming is not an easy task, not for everyone and, of course, not for those who do not want to sweat, hates physical labor and manual work. If you belong to the type of people who prefers to sit at a computer all day, go shopping, work in an office not having worked a drop of sweat, farming is clearly not for you.

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