Executing Portable Chicken Coop Plans

Portable Chicken Coop Plans

Are you thinking of starting a small portable chicken coop and raising chickens?  Have you almost given up on the idea because of the small fortune you will have to spend?  Stop whining because it is easier and cheaper to build a coop of your own with portable chicken coop plans. The fresh eggs will help in cutting down your food budget while the chicken droppings, which are highly fertile and can be used in the kitchen garden, as organic fertilizer.

It starts by making portable chicken coop plans you want, their quality and quantity, where to get them, what to do with them, and how to use them. With the plan all set, execute it. Start by looking for designs that are easy to build.  The design chosen should be functional, lovely, and add a few twists here and there of your own to add a different touch on it.

Wood is the most commonly used material when constructing a coop. Lumber may however get expensive depending on the size of coop you want to make.  If you opt for recycled wood, be aware that it will require extra time and some tender, loving care, hence needs all of your patience.

Executing your Portable Chicken Coop Plans

The way to execute your portable chicken coop plans depends on the needs to be meet. If you want to rear a few chickens, try a portable coop/chicken tractor.  It has no floor and it can be moved from one area to another that is convenient for that time.  It is highly recommended for those living in urban centers, with limited space within their compound.  Frequent moving of the coop gives the chicken access to fresh grass and bugs to feed on. The design does not really matter that much since the chicken will not know, but the skill used in building is very important.  Woodworking and construction skills have to be of high level.

When done with the coop, you have to plan on making the feeders and perching roosts. You can use a branch of a tree as a roost. The roost should be away from the door or feeders to avoid contamination of food.

Portable Chicken Coop Plans: Feeders and Waterer

The feeders and waterer- You can make them at home rather than buying from a store. Get a bucket that can contain at least 5 gallons. Such will last for at least three weeks when fully filled with feed. You can make a good feeder by drilling small holes at the bottom, then place the bucket on a base, center it before screwing, until it is secure and balanced. Put it on raised ground to prevent the food from coming into contact with chicken droppings. Use the same method to prepare the waterer.

Make the coop spacious enough to fit all the chickens, and you never know, you might want to increase your flock after a while. The final look of the coop will be a representation of your plan. If you had a good plan, you will have a good coop. That is why it is important to have a good plan always, and strictly follow it when constructing.  Please post a comment about your experience with portable chicken coop plans.

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