Chicken Coop Building Plans

Chicken Coop Building Plans

If you are interested in rearing poultry, building a chicken coop is one of the most important requirements, so check out our chicken coop building plans.  The coop is a place where the chicken will rest and sleep. There are ready-made coops you can get but it is much more rewarding if you construct one to take care of the birds needs. To begin with, go through several chicken coop building plans to get one you like. If you do not find any, custom make one by following steps that were used to make the other coops. After identifying the plan you want to work with, you need to put a few factors into consideration, to get the best housing for the poultry.

Size is very important. You have to erect the right size of the coop for the chickens to be comfortable. If the birds are not many and you do not plan to increase the number build a small coop so as not to waste material and space. However, if you have a large number of birds and want to add more build the right size so that the birds are not squeezed.

Chicken Coop Building Plans: Materials and Ventilation

Materials needed- the coop should be made from strong and long lasting material so that it can last for a long time without repairs. Most of the coops are made from wood as it is easily available and makes good coops. In addition, other materials need to be put inside for the coop to be complete. Examples of such are roosts where the birds rest, an area where the birds lay eggs, feeding and water areas.

Ventilation- you do not want the birds to be uncomfortable. The coop should have enough air circulation as this also helps to reduce the risk of infections among the birds. During cold weather, provide heaters that will keep the birds warm.

There are some chicken coop building plans that recommend elevated coops. These are an excellent choice especially if you live in a place that has floods.  It also helps to keep the chicken coop cool during summer.  This also gives the birds a place where they can be sheltered from the sun or rain during the day. Other than this, it helps to keep away rodents from the coop.

Making the Chicken Coop Building Plans Clean and Safe

Cleaning of the coop is another important factor you need to put into consideration. Deep litter method is an option if you do not want to be cleaning the coop often. This provides less maintenance. A chicken wire floor can be used so that droppings pass through, to a container placed under the floor. This is one of the best options as it reduces the odor in the coop and keeps it quite clean.

You can paint the coop if you want it to be in sync with the decor your house. Portable coops can also be built if you plan on moving. It is advisable to check with the authorities before you construct a coop to avoid any problems. The coop can also be enclosed with a fence to keep away predators that may want to make a meal out of your chicken.  Please post a comment on your experience with chicken coop building plans.

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